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Alpais : Modular Battery Monitoring System

akü izleme sistemi alpais

Alpais Battery Monitoring Systems offer a complete solution for monitoring an unlimited number of batteries with its hardware and software infrastructure that can be collected in a single center.

Alpais Battery Monitoring Systems ensure maximum availability of your backup power infrastructure that you provide with batteries you can get longer efficiency from your current battery group because it detects the damaged batteries formerly.

Why Alpais?

Alpais, Enrich Your Business & Protect Your Investment!

  • Extends the lifetime of the batteries in the infrastructure.
  • Reduce service costs through effective Protective and Preventive Maintenance.
  • Provides maximum benefit with minimum work force.
  • Provides remote access, giving you the opportunity to manage your business anytime, anywhere.
  • Provides planned battery procurement by avoiding emergency situations.
  • Provides determination and verification of the warranty status with recorded data and reporting.
  • Provides improvements in business insurance premiums as risks are reduced to minimum.
  • Keeping your staf away from battery racks / chambers and vulnerable areas makes sure their safety and activities continue without interruption. This allows you to focus on your core activities by simplifying your work safety and health planning.

END of Costly Downtime!

ALPAIS prolong the lifetime of battery in your infrastructure. When the battery infrastructure is required and if this need cannot be met at that time, the increase in costs will be inevitable. It reduces the cost of shuttle service due to Effective preventive and preventive maintenance. It provides maximum benefit with minimum workload. It offers the opportunity to manage your business anytime, anywhere with remote access.

Power blackouts is a common situation in the world. If power blackouts is took into account, the investments made for UPS and Battery Monitoring Systems are vital for your business. You can be ready for any negative situation by monitoring the installed battery infrastructure for backup power.

Alpais Battery Monitoring System always keeps the feeling of trust in your infrastructure fresh with its daily feedback and information.

What do we measure with Alpais?



Float charge voltage is critical to battery life. Charge voltages that are not applied correctly can cause loss of capacity.



Internal resistance is a factor that increases with battery age. The battery can cause sudden interruptions due to an increase in internal resistance.



By following the temperature of each battery, the healthy usage period is extended, and the risk of fire that may occur in your system rooms is minimized.



By monitoring the string voltage, whether the charging system is activated and the charging graphics can be checked.



By monitoring the string current, the amount of energy received or given for each string can be measured.



The lifetimes of the batteries are specified between 20-25C. Temperatures outside this range can seriously affect the battery corrosion rate and damage the battery.


Alpais : Battery Monitoring System Software

We offer you many opportunities with ALPAIS, developed by our R&D team, with 100% Turkish user interface and great software support.


Alpais Software Features

Alpais offers proactive protection by making the right decisions on the data it provides.

Local Area Network or Cloud Monitoring
Multiple Location control from single control center
Supports Modbus-TCP / RTU
String Based Battery Positioning
Real-Time Battery Status and Color Notification

Detailed Charge / Discharge Record
Alarm and Event Activities
E-mail and SMS Notifications
Service Life Estimation
Automatic Data Management

PDF or Excel Reporting
Graphics and Analysis Tools
Facility and Project Customization
Alarm history and service logs
Management and service based reporting

alpais akü izleme yazılımı



System Components


Voltage, Internal Resistance and Temperature values of each battery of VRLA, VLA or Ni-Dc type are measured and communicated with the Modbus protocol.


By applying it separately for each string, string current, ambient temperature and humidity values are measured and communication is provided with Modbus protocol.


As the main component of the system, it collects data from battery and string modules and provides interpretation. The processed data are recorded by the system.


With the support of advanced software, regardless of location and distance, all batteries can be monitored through a single interface and kept under control.

About Alpais



       ANKARA ( R&D / FACTORY )

"15 years of field experience, knowledge, experience and technical expertise."

We create global benefits by focusing on uninterrupted sufficiency and sustainability in our critical energy infrastructure with our integrated solution production capacity and our reliable and practical solutions. Our brand provides superior technology to you and your business 24 hours 7 days with our expert team.
We offer productivity, simplicity and sustainability with our industrial experience, expert and solution oriented team, high quality products, services and our ability to carry out global quality business. We are making a difference with our ability to intervene instantly and with the power to provide uninterrupted energy. With our team that is open to communication and focused on continuous development, we carry out the most suitable projects for your business by making good analysis, creative solutions, correct field applications and producing total solutions. We always add value to your business with the services we provide after infrastructure field applications.


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