ALPAIS is a hardware & software integrated Battery Monitoring System. ALPAIS pre-determines the problems that may occur in each battery, detects battery failures and notifies the user with battery monitoring interface software by monitoring the values of the batteries used in critical area applications. It ensures minimization of battery-driven out-of-service situations, prevention of emergencies and planned battery changes thanks to the data it receives. ALPAIS provides the business continuity. In critical applications such as datacenters, banks, airports, base stations, power generation plants, hospitals, military applications, industrial areas, the installation of a battery monitoring system becomes inevitable day by day. It was developed by the long hours intensive workforce of our R&D engineers.







Alpais, Enrich Your Business & Protect Your Investment!

  • Extends the lifetime of the batteries in the infrastructure.
  • Reduce Maintenance and replacement costs through efective Protective and Preventive Maintenance.
  • Provides maximum benefit with minimum workforce.
  • Provides remote access, giving you the opportunity to manage your business anytime, anywhere.
  • Provides planned battery procurement by avoiding emergency situations.
  • Enables the identification and verification of the warranty status with recorded data and reporting.
  • Provides improvements in business insurance premiums as risks are reduced to minimum.
  • Keeping your staf away from battery racks / chambers and vulnerable areas makes sure their safety and activities continue without interruption. This allows you to focus on your core activities by simplifying your work safety and health planning.

END of Costly Downtime!

ALPAIS prolong the lifetime of battery in your infrastructure. When the battery infrastructure is required and if this need cannot be met at that time, the increase in costs will be inevitable. It reduces the cost of shuttle service due to Effective preventive and preventive maintenance. It provides maximum benefit with minimum workload. It offers the opportunity to manage your business anytime, anywhere with remote access.
Power blackouts is a common situation in the world. If power blackouts is took into account, the investments made for UPS and Battery Monitoring Systems are vital for your business. You can be ready for any negative situation by monitoring the installed battery infrastructure for backup power.
The Alpais Battery Monitoring System, always refreshes your sense of trust by providing daily feedback and information from battery infrastructure.


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